Hideki HAMAGAKI - Donated Fund Research Division of Quantum Measurement Science

Advanced quantum measurements and high performance data processing technologies for high energy nuclear physics experiments, non-destructive inspections.
Donation by
  • ■ SciEnergy Corporation
  • ■ Division head:Hideki Hamagaki, Prof. (Prof. in University of Tokyo until March 2016)
  • ■ Researcher:Ryoichi Motoda (SciEnergy Corp., President)
  • ■ Researcher: Satoru Koshimuta (SciEnergy Corp.)
  • ■ Researcher: Kei-ichi Abe (SciEnergy Corp.)
  • ■ Researcher: Ken Oyama, Prof. (IIST, NIAS)
  • ■ April 1st, 2016


Tokio YAMABE -Donated Fund Research Division of Li-ion Battery

Professor T. Yamabe made not only number of worldwide research achievements, but also significant contributions to development of Japan's, and Nagasaki's sciences and technologies while serving Professor in Kyoto University, NIAS Rector, and president of NPO Industrial Technology Agency of Nagasaki. Especially it is well known that for development of Li-ion secondary battery, which is now widely used all over the world, he is involved from the very early days of research and built the foundation, together with Hideki Shirakawa who was his collaborator. Those success was based on his excellent and theoretical attainments related to quantum chemistry which was inherited from his teacher Kenichi Fukui in laboratory of Kyoto University, together with his wide view on the advanced technology in the world, and dedication on the research for many years with students also in NIAS. As well known, Fukui and Shirakawa awarded the Nobel Prizes in Chemistry in 1981 and 2000, respectively. In order to advance development of Japan, we must make collective efforts of provinces to realize recreation of the homeland without missing jumping on wave of globalization. In IIST, T. Yamabe as a pioneer of the negative electrode development of Li-ion batteries, would like to promote as a candidate of the Nobel Prize. It will be a strong push for the recreation of Nagasaki prefecture. This donation research division is a framework for the promotion in an organized manner together with the cooperation of everybody's contribution. It is to support the research activities of T. Yamabe, and we would like to lead it to the activation of the society in the Nagasaki region. Considerations and supports of whoever understands the spirit of this donated fund research division is deeply appreciated.
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  • ■ Open for contribution
  • ■ Division head: Tokio Yamabe, Prof.
  • ■ 2016 (planned)