This research institute aims for the creation of new technology and new projects by means of leading-edge technology. Our research contributes to new fields of study such as environment and energy technology, information technology, nano and new material technology, and biotechnology. Our subjects include fundamental sciences such as experimental particle physics in international collaborations as well as theoretical physics, chemistry, and economics. These studies attract not only students in the doctoral graduate program but also top-class researchers in each field. We are confident that this institute will be a nucleus for leading-edge research geared to the 21st century.
Our Mission and Management
Explorations of Innovative Science, Technology and Business
  • ■ Core Institution for the education and research of advanced science and technology in Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science.
  • ■ Nucleus Laboratory for industry academia government joint research projects.
  • ■ Support and coordination for the creation and incubation of new technology and business.
  • ■ Interface of the corporation with other universities, laboratories, companies and government.