KATOU-Takashi | Institute for Innovative Science and Technology
Researcher Information
  • Associate Director for Division of Fundamental Science
  • Professor Dr. KATOU, Takashi
  • Division of Fundamental Science
  • Affliation
  • Graduate School and School of NiAS
  • Field of Research
  • Molecular Electronics Solid State Physics
  • Research
  • Essential electronic properties in solid-state-physics such as electrical conductivity, magnetism, optics, and superconductivity are investigated. On the basis of theoretical analyses of these electronic properties, we try to design high quality materials which are applicable to nanoelectronics. For example,we attempted recently to elucidate the mechanism of the occurrence of non-dissipative diamagnetic currents in molecular systems, which remains unknown despite efforts over a period of seventy years. We also propose conditions for the realization of the occurrence of superconductivity in bulk systems at room temperature.
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