MIZUNO Yuji | Institute for Innovative Science and Technology
Researcher Information
  • Division of Electrical, Electronics, and Information Technology
  • Guest Researcher Dr. MIZUNO, Yuji
  • Division of Electrical, Electronics, and Information Technology
  • Affliation
  • Graduate School and School of NiAS
  • Field of Research
  • Measurement System of Biological Information
  • Research
  • We conduct research on a next generation-type measurement system of biological information from an emaciated person. Our main system measures body temperature. We have proposed a new clinical electrical thermometer that uses an elastic sponge over the thermometer tip,where a thermistor is placed, to fit the axilla of an emaciated person, and a wearable device named a neckband-model clinical electrical thermometer that does not restrict limbs, where a temperature probe is fixed to the neck. Our main research fields are the design of new medical devices and systems.
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