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  • Professor Dr. HAMAGAKI, Hideki
  • Division of Fundamental Science
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  • Advanced Science and Technology for Quantum Measurement, Graduate School of Science
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  • High Energy Heavy Ion Collisions, Advance Technology for Quantum Measurement
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  • Major part of normal matter, which is composing our Universe, consists of hadrons. Hadrons, which include protons and neutrons, are the composite particles consisting of quarks. Quarks, elementary particles, are bound via a strong force with intermediate boson named gluons. The strong force is described with the QCD (Quantum Chromo Dynamics), one of the four fundamental interactions.
    Although quarks are tightly bound in the shell of hadrons, they are freed from the confinement at high temperature (about 2 trillion degree) due to the QCD phase transition. We call this new state of matter as Quark Gluon Plasma. A unique method to realize this kind of extreme conditions in the laboratory is to smash the two heavy nuclei (such as Au or Lead) at relativistic energies, and such research has been carried out using the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) at CERN.
    We will conduct the experimental research to investigate the properties of QCD phase transition and QGP state in detail with high precisions. To precede progressively the experimental research, development of cutting-edge detector technologies, high-rate data-handling system, and data analysis hardware and software, are indispensable. We will focus on the development of photon detectors and data handling technologies.
    We anticipate that the outcomes from these researches will be utilized in the industrial applications such as non-destructive inspections, as well as fundamental researches, and will place emphasis on the practical applications.
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