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  • IIST Director
  • Professor Dr. TANAKA, Yoshito
  • AI Application Research Center
    Division of Fundamental Science
    Division of Electrical, Electronics, and Information Technology
  • Affliation
  • Graduate School and School of NIAS
  • Field of Research
  • IoT and Embedded System, Integrated-Circuit System, Front-End Electronics System for High Energy Physics
  • Research
  • High-speed Front-End Electronics system using source synchronous technology was developed and installed in 2000 at Brookhaven National Laboratory for PHENIX RICH detector. Currently the upgrade system for ALICE detector at CERN LHC is studying with Prof. Oyama and Prof. Hamagaki at NiAS. As a local research contribution for companies and society, smart-city and smart wellness city applied by ICT and IoT, Embedded and Integrated-Circuit, and/or using Big Data are going on current project.
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